About Peter


I’m working as a PHP Developer since 2002 with more than 12+ years experience. I’ve agile experiences, mainly SCRUM. In the past, I’ve successfully joined to existing international agile teams without any issue. I was working in Germany, United Kingdom, United States and Hungary.

My most important skills are:

  • Daily Linux user, deep Linux knowledge
  • Familiar on MacOS
  • Frameworks: Laravel 5, Codeigniter, Symfony
  • ORMs: Doctrine, Eloquent
  • Caching technologies like Redis
  • Like agile methodology, like SCRUM
  • Work in/with DDD (Domain Driven Design) and TDD
  • Database backend like MongoDB, MySql, PostgreSQL, Oracle

Peter has been working as a PHP Developer since 2002, more than 12+ years. He has owned and developed web-hosting company in the early of his career. He is familiar in

He worked for great clients like T-Com and Intercontinental Hotel Group and Midland New Association (known an Express & Star, UK) as a back-end developer. When he is not working on a project, he is walking somewhere in the nature or he is riding his Honda VTX 1800 cruiser.


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